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From the recording FREEDOM

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Sometimes love is found in the most unlikely situation. With the number of men and women in active duty today, it is not uncommon for two souls to fall in love and start a life together under the military umbrella


Chad Lee / Dess Fletcher

I was running in Iran
Hauling butt across the sand
I heard a big bang
the world just went away

I woke up in a bed
A bandage wrapped around my head
First time I saw her pretty face
She said are you ok

Fireworks filled the sky
As the bullets fly on by
Starring in those angle eyes
Lord did I die
ooh the love I found should be a WAR CRIME

She stole my heart and then
Locked my love up in the brig
She threw away the key
I’m serving a fantasy

In that sexy uniform
Hey, pinch me this can't be a war
Oh what a beautiful thing
With her navy wings


I was there to fight that fight
She was there to save my life
All is fair in love and war
And God had something else in store