Acoustic Shows & House Concerts

Acoustic Shows & House Concerts are exactly what it sounds like; you, your friends, live music food, drinks and conversation. The environment is meant to be cozy and intimate, allowing you and your guest to really connect with the music and Chad Lee. A big sound, lots of instruments, 2 to 3 guys.

House concerts can be:
an alternative to going out
ladies night for you and your girlfriends
a hang out night just for the fellas
a concert under the stars on your deck
a birthday celebration or any occasion
an opportunity to enjoy music with friends in a home setting​
a wine and cheese night/wine tasting
This concert can be for whatever reason you want to have it, it's completely up to you.

How many people should attend?
A house concert is purposefully more intimate and focuses on quality over quantity. For that reason, 20-100 people is usually the norm. We can definitely accommodate larger groups as well with our full band option. Just let us know your needs and we are happy to provide you with a great entertainment experience.

What kind of show can we expect?
You can expect Chad Lee (Duo) along with Keith Wilson or Scott Gaeta, or both(Trio) to take you on a journey of original music and country favorites, classic rock, mo-town, blues and more. You can count on engaging audience participation too. It will be a memorable night of fun for young and mature adults. 

How long is the show?
We are happy to work with your event time line. Most performances are between 2 and 3 hours.

Is it expensive?
​It's actually quite affordable. Some people gather a group of friends and split the cost equally and some divide it among their guests for a small entry fee. The beauty is that you can be as creative as you like.

How big is the set up?
The set-up takes about 45 minutes and requires minimal space. We can accommodate even the smallest spaces. You don't need a big house or huge event space to have a concert like this. In most cases we only require a single power outlet.