From the recording FREEDOM

In the military, twelve o’clock is straight ahead, three o’clock to the right, nine o’clock to the left and six o’clock is behind your back. Simply put, I’ve got your six!! In honor of GOT YOUR SIX campaign. http://www.gotyour6.org/ :


Chad Lee / Dess Fletcher

Two best friends in a football game
Girls screamin' crowds insane
A Small town a real big deal

The one boy said don't look back
Run like the wind right after the snap
take that ball straight down the field

Cuz when hell is nipping at your heals
Always know friend here's the deal
Remember just who you're with
He said right or left 3 or 9
I got you covered all the time
When you're smack dab in the middle of all this
And he said don't forget...I always GOT YOUR SIX

Hunkered down up on the front line
Straight out of high school bullets flyin'
Those young boys are in the desert sand

There's a safety bunker at 12 o'clock
One boy says I'm gonna get shot
The other boy says not on my watch


Two long tours in that desert sand
Those boys came back two different men

One boy's stares at his bedroom wall
flash backs from all he saw
the other boy, well he's ok

He says friend you'll be just fine
At least we made it home alive
And I'm right here to help in anyway


Tag: so just relax you know I always got your back brother