From the recording FREEDOM

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To imagine the number of young men throughout the history of our nation that have left home for war is unfathomable. Those brave souls left behind the comfort of home and their loved ones that await their return. To be the Mother of a soldier deployed for duty would be sheer hell worrying about his well being. GOD BLESS THOSE WOMEN


Chad Lee / Dess Fletcher

Colorado in November snow’s fallin’ on the ground
In the mail box there’s a letter Bobby’s gonna make Daddy proud
Cuz he’s leavin’ in the spring time just like granddad did
Yea he’s leavin’ to serve his country ,momma’s worried about this

Cuz her baby’s gone..nothin’ left but his pictures on the wall
Her baby’s gone…the sound of his voice echoes down the hall
Her baby’s gone…sure don’t feel like freedom at all
Cuz her baby’s gone

Colorado in July fireworks fill the air
They havn’t heard from him in some time and momma’s getting’ real scared
Is he all right, what’s he doin’, don’t even know where he’s at
Is he eatin’ good, is he sleepin’ aaww it’s hell to wonder about all of that


Aspin leaves on the ground
Winter chill’s in the wind
A familiar voice at the front door
Bobby walked in

Now her baby’s home just like those pictures on the wall
Her baby’s home oh to hear his voice down the hall
Her baby’s home…finely freedom from the hell she fought
Her baby’s home…….yea her baby’s home…..thank god he’s home