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Chad Lee / Dess Fletcher

I remember when I was a Cowboy runnin’ around after school
I remember thinkin’ why aren’t the girls thinkin’ I’m cool

I remember when I turned twenty wishin’ I was twenty one
I remember thinkin’ that drinkin’ sure sounded like fun , yea it was

Memories can last a lifetime, memories can last one day
Memories can take you back to your good or bad ways
Memories can drive you crazy, memories can keep you sane
Memories can make you happy or sad I’m just glad
I’ve got memories like that

I remember that first sloppy kiss, that strange feeling on my lips
I remember thinking that feeling scared me to death

I remember watching our baby pop out when he was born
I remember trying to catch my breath right before I hit the floor


I remember how you used to love me
I remember that smile on your face
I remember that god awful feeling when you walked away

I remember making those memories, memories good and bad
I remember telling myself to remember all I had
All I had