From the recording FREEDOM

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Being born and raised in America as an American citizen is sometimes taken for granted. It’s a blessing to have our strong heritage and the colors red, white, and blue that stands for our pride, liberty, freedom, and all that we have. The words “ALL AMERICAN” is truly a life style in itself.


Chad Lee / Dess Fletcher

I was born with a bible in my Daddy’s right hand
Raise up to be 100% stand my ground good ol’ boy American
I was playin’ guitar by the time I could walk
Sayin’ amen soon as I could talk
If you ever have a need to know just who I am

I’m proud I’m free livin’ in a land where I wanna be
I’m tried I’m true Red White and Blue are the colors I bleed
I’m a give my shirt off my back kind of man
And my GUITARS & SCARS are all American

I got my first scar on the front of my brow
From fallin’ off the back of Granddad’s plow
he left me lyin’ there to make me a man
Next thing you know I was holdin’ a gun
Bullets flyin’ I refused to run
Knee deep in sand in Afghanistan


I won’t give in to dependency
And risk loosin’ our Liberty
I won’t compromise the American dream
And all that our men fought for…Me
To be Proud and free….